یار دوردانه های ایران در مناطق محروم با پویش مردمی مداد جادو از خیریه جامعه یاوری فرهنگی باشید. #مدادجادو

Magic Pencil

About the campaign:

Takdaneh Company along with Yavari Farhangi NGO has presented a solution to support the students in deprived areas by attracting the donors. In this campaign, you may help the students by contributing in one of the following plans:

Providing the students of less-developed areas and Ashayer (Nomads) with stationaries.

Supporting the “Production while Education” program and developing Entrepreneurship and raising the level of teachers’ skills in deprived conservatories.

Holding training courses for elementary teachers with the aim of raising the level of their knowledge and teaching skills.


1. Backpack


Sometimes, there is piece of news heard from deprived areas schools that due to inability of paying just 7500 Tomans for student insurance cost, a child has quit education. Many children of these schools, must still erase the written homework in their notebooks to use the very same notebook again. Many of them go to the school with a plastic bag instead of a leather school bag and having coloring pencils is an unreachable dream for them.
These days when everyone is rushing for getting ready for Back to School season, we want to do something for deprived areas children so that their dreams may come true and no child has to leave the school because of inability in paying education costs as well.

Therefore, we have prepared some backpacks, each containing 5 notebooks, a pack of pencils, a pack of pens, a pack of coloring pencils, eraser, ruler, glass, tooth brush and toothpaste. This package will be sent and delivered to the deprived areas we have detected. The price of each full backpack is 50,000 Tomans. An amount which may seem small in our lives but it can change a child’s destiny.

2. “Production while Education”

The day when no graduate is unemployed anymore, is the ending day of poverty, dependency and social harms. To see that day, we need to start as of very this moment and from the schools.

Yavari Community has executed a plan named ”Production while Education” which results students’ skills learning and helping their families’ financial situation. Through this plan which has been executing since 2014, Yavari community has provided the designing and sewing students with production workshops, equipped with sewing machines and fabric so that they produce high quality school uniforms, mantoes, boys shirts, shopping bags, etc. Then, while paying wages to the students, these cloths are distributed among people in need in the same province.

In this way, these students learn their own major functional skills perfectly and at the same time, earn money during their education period and also cause the poor people of their provinces to benefit from domestic productions made in their provinces. Moreover, the students learn the needed skills to enter the work market and they will be able to run their own business after finishing school.

By today, there are 11 technical workshops established and equipped in southern Khorasan designing and sewing conservatories. By Shahrivar 1395 (September-October 2016), the talented and active students of these workshops have produced over 21 thousand high quality cloths which are being distributed at the beginning of Back to School season and at the beginning of New year among needy people of the province.

Within “Production while Education” program, Yavari Farhangi Community has established another sewing workshop in Nehbandan, Southern Khorasan, to provide 14 materfamilias with facilities of production activities. This workshop alone, has produced 3050 cloths since Bahman 1393 (February 2015) by this date.

Your support from this program will help this production cycle to keep working in conservatories of deprived areas and will supply the school uniform of a student in need.

3. Teacher Training in Deprived Areas

The knowledge of a student will never be more than his/her teacher. Data updating and knowledge improving is a bit hard for those teachers who are living in far, deserted and deprived regions. But we try our best to teach them the latest and best teaching methods through holding training courses and create an opportunity so that their students in deprived areas have the chance of learning the same as other students across the country. This is a big step in achieving educational justice and equal opportunities for learning.

These training courses which are mostly focused on pre-school and elementary levels, are presented in phonetic and alphabetic formats as well as “Read with Me” workshops and help teachers to convey the lessons into the kids in a much better quality. In this way, they can develop a loving bond between the child and books by institutionalizing the habit of studying and learning deep inside the children. The main goal of the training, is turning these children into researcher, creative ones with educational and communicational skills. Meaning exactly what the whole world knows as the superior and ultimate goal of education.

If you wish to develop the knowledge and capability of teachers and students, please join this project and by your donations, no matter how small, have a huge share in training smarter kids.

About us:

What does Yavari Farhangi Community do?

Yavari Farhangi Community charity is an NGO which has been constructing and building schools in deprived areas with no governmental or political dependency since 1983 and by now, it has been successful to execute 840 school construction projects all over the country. Border provinces and deprived areas such as Sistan and Baluchestan, Southern Khorasan, Hormozgan, Ilam and…are of those areas in which Yavari Farhangi Community Charity has executed majority of its school-construction projects.

This NGO which is run by donors’ contributions has a consulting chair in Ministry of Education and has signed up independent cooperation agreements with Ministry of Education general offices of Southern Khorasan, Sistan and Baluchestan and Ilam in the fields of education, training, research and expertise.

Yavari Farhangi NGO believes that education is every child’s right and no child should be deprived from education because of financial poverty.


Takdaneh agro-industrial Company was established in the middle of eastern Azerbaijan, Marand city fruit gardens and farms in 1983 and at the present, after quarter of a century, this company is known as the largest juice producer in Iran. Today, with the help of God and the hard efforts of its staff, Takdaneh agro-industrial Company has been able to enter the international business world and exports its various productions into over sixteen developed countries such as Japan, Southern Korea, Australia and USA. Takdaneh Company as one of the oldest juice producers in the country, has been always concerned about social and environmental commitments and has taken important practical steps in this regard.

Magic Pencil campaign has been offered in response to invitation of voluntary activities in order to solve and help social issues of students living in deprived areas and the best try is done to achieve a lasting and permanent result in this field.